Why You Should Be Storing Butter In The Freezer

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Extended Shelf Life:

Freezing butter greatly enhances its shelf life. Butter may be refrigerated for weeks, but freezing can preserve it for months. This is helpful if you buy butter in bulk or during discounts.

Preventing Spoilage:

Butter may absorb refrigerator odours and flavours, spoiling it. Freezing keeps butter fresh and clean by preventing odours and flavours.

Buying in Bulk

If you buy butter in quantity or discover a discount, freezing lets you preserve the extra without spoiling. Thaw as required to always have butter.

Preventing Rancidity:

Butter fats can get rancid owing to oxygen and light. Freezing reduces oxidation, preventing rotten butter.

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Ready for Baking:

Freezing butter prepares you for spontaneous baking. Easy to grate or slice frozen butter makes it ideal for pie crusts and cookies.

Seasonal Availability:

Frozen butter lets you store up and enjoy it year-round if you can get it locally or during certain seasons.

Cost Savings:

Buy butter in bulk or during discounts and freeze it to save money. This is helpful if you use butter often and want bulk reductions.

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