Which type of oats is best: Steel-cut, rolled or instant?

Whole oat groats

This oat grain is at its purest form. So, it requires the most time to cook - around 30 to 45 minutes to prepare a meal using whole oat groats

Rolled oats

Old-fashioned oats are oat groats that have gone through a steaming and flattening process, explains the expert. They have a milder flavour and and take less time to make as they have been partially cooked.

Steel-cut oats

They are closely related to the unprocessed oat groat. To prepare steel-cut oats, the groats are chopped into pieces with large steel blades, shares Chawla. These have a coarser, chewier texture and nuttier flavour than rolled oats.

Instant oats

This is the most processed form of rolled oats as they are frequently precooked, dried and cut into smaller pieces. That is after rolling and then steaming. You just need to soak it in hot water before eating it.

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Quick oats

They are rolled oats that go through further processing to decrease cooking time. They are partially cooked and so, you will just need a few minutes to prepare it. It goes through steaming and then is rolled thinne

Fiber Content

– Steel-cut oats typically have the highest fiber content among the three, promoting a feeling of fullness and aiding digestion. – Rolled oats also contain a good amount of fiber, while instant oats may have slightly less due to the additional processing.

Nutrient Retention

– Steel-cut oats retain more of their original nutrients during the minimal processing, offering a higher nutritional value. – Rolled oats, although slightly more processed, still maintain a substantial nutrient profile.


– If you value nutrition and have time for preparation, steel-cut oats may be your top choice. – Rolled oats strike a balance between nutrition and convenience. – Instant oats are ideal for those who prioritize speed and simplicity.

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