We Tried the Most Popular Beer Brands and Here’s What We Thought

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Classic and familiar, Budweiser is beer comfort food. Crisp, easy-drinking, and great for casual events. A favorite for a relaxed night with friends.


Heineken's global appeal. A bit stronger and bitter. I feel like I'm in Amsterdam with the green bottle and red star.


Corona shouts summer! The light, refreshing taste with a hint of citrus from lime is like a beach vacation in a bottle. Ideal for bright days and happy vibes.


Guinness is unique. Experience the rich, silky texture and unique flavor. Like eating in a glass. A staple for a quiet pub night.

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Coors Light

Coors Light is my relaxant. Crisp and light, it's always refreshing. At a cookout or after work, it's perfect.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale revolutionizes. The strong taste and hops fragrance are refreshing. This specialty brew sticks out.

Stella Artois

Starla Artois is classy. The smooth taste and golden tint make it classy. When I drink a Stella, I feel special.

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