USA's Most Walkable Cities for Seniors

Washington, D.C

One of the nation's most walkable cities is the capital. Washington, D.C.'s Walk Score shows that most tasks can be done without a car despite its 670,000 residents. 

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As the second-largest city on this list by square miles, Chicago is a walker's paradise (in the summer, at least).

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Chicago, Illinois

Boston, Massachusetts

If you've ever visited Boston, you know you can tour the majority of its 23 official neighborhoods on foot in the span of a weekend.

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At just 21 square miles, Jersey City is the smallest city on our list. The locale's eastern waterfront faces the Hudson River and has jaw-dropping views of the Manhattan skyline.

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Jersey City, New Jersey

New York City, New York

No matter where you are in New York City, you're likely within walking distance of a pharmacy, a grocery store, a deli, and a diner.

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San Francisco's Walk Score is 88.7, the best in America. Panorama views, a big IT industry, and mild temperatures (rarely below 40 degrees or beyond 75) define this stunning Northern California area.

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San Francisco, California