These Are The Best Proteins To Eat To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Without moving, your body needs many calories to function. Your basal metabolic rate provides 60% of your daily energy.

This value includes up to 10% of energy burned from exercise. Walking, doing chores, or fidgeting can account for 20% of your daily energy burn.

Your body needs energy to digest meals. A 2019 Journal of the American College of Nutrition paper states that thermic effect of food accounts for 10% of your daily energy.

Fat needs only 3% of calories for metabolism, while carbohydrates need 10%. Healthline showed that protein digests require 20–30% of its energy owing to its increased thermic action. 

According to Performance Lab, lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and eggs speed up metabolism best.

Egg protein may improve metabolism and slim you down. A 2022 Clinical Nutrition study of over 300 college students indicated that those who ate more than five eggs a week had lower BMI, waist circumference/height, and body fat percentage. 



Their lean mass % was greater. It wasn't only eating eggs that improved body composition. Instead, eating more eggs per week boosts metabolism by increasing protein intake.

A 2021 Obesity Science and Practice study found that a diet high in veggies and lean proteins like chicken and turkey loses more weight than a low-fat diet.

After three months, participants who ate four servings of protein per day dropped 21 pounds, compared to 3.5 pounds on the low-fat diet. The high-protein group also had greater changes in waist, hip, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.