The Best Ginger Ale: Our Top Soda Picks

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Canada Dry:

Canada Dry is famous for its crisp, refreshing ginger ale. Its balanced taste and effervescence are popular.


Other popular ginger ale brands include Schweppes, which has an excellent balance of sweetness and ginger. It's a common cocktail mixer.

Reed's Ginger Brew:

Reed's Ginger Brew is known for its stronger ginger flavor. It uses genuine ginger in its dishes.

Fever-Tree Ginger Ale:

As a quality mixer, Fever-Tree's ginger ale is no exception. The flavor is balanced and made with natural components.

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Bundaberg Ginger Beer:

Bundaberg is a ginger beer, however it's commonly drunk like ginger ale. Ginger lovers love its strong, spicy flavor.

Boylan Heritage Ginger Ale:

Boylan makes high-quality sodas, and the Heritage Ginger Ale is recommended for its realistic ginger taste and cane sugar sweetness.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale:

Unfiltered ginger ale from this brand tastes more natural and intense than popular versions.

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