The Best Complex Carbs You Should Be Eating Daily For Stable Blood Sugar

1. Sprouted bread Most diets include bread. However, breads vary in health advantages. Many of the most popular selections can harm your health if taken in excess. White bread should be avoided for a healthier body. Lucky for you, there are many healthy alternatives.

Costa advises sprouted bread. She recommends it for weight loss and blood sugar stabilisation. Adding avocado makes a fantastic, healthy breakfast.

"Sprouted grain toast topped with avocado provides a perfect balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, and fibre, promoting stable blood sugar levels and aiding in weight management," writes.

 "Preparing this for breakfast is as simple as toasting your sprouted grain bread and spreading ripe avocado on top, optionally sprinkled with a pinch of pepper and lemon juice for added flavour." Simple and healthy.

2. Steel-cut oats Breakfasts don't get much healthier than muesli. Whole-body health advantages from oats. Costa recommends them for weight loss, blood sugar stabilisation, and digestion

"Steel-cut oats are a great whole-grain option that is slowly digested and thus provide a steady release of glucose into the bloodstream, helping to stabilise blood sugar

The ability to top muesli with healthy ingredients, particularly those that improve gut health and metabolism, is one of its finest features.

"For a nutritious breakfast, consider cooking steel-cut oats in water or unsweetened plant-based milk and topping them with mixed berries, which offer an additional fibre boost and a natural sweetness