Stale Crumbl Cookies Are Brought Back To Life In The Air Fryer

For good cause, crumble cookies have swept the dessert world. These cookies are large, soft, and crumbly, and come in weekly-changing flavors. There are always new flavors to explore, from chocolate chip to funfetti milkshake and pumpkin pie.

Crumbl cookies are wonderful fresh, but occasionally we have too many. Delicious snacks dry out and become less tasty with time. Natural staling happens to all baked foods, but it hits harder with your beloved Crumbl cookie.

Don't worry—don't toss them away! Air fryers solve this problem easily. Stale cookies can be revived with this popular device that makes crispy fries and chicken wings.

The air fryer circulates hot air over food, which may dry out cookies, but how you use it matters.

Set it to a lower temperature and time it to softly but swiftly warm the cookies to restore their suppleness.Pre-heat your air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to reheat Crumbl cookies. Prepare cookies while the air fryer heats. 

Place stale Crumbl cookies in air fryer basket. The cookies must be in a single layer with room between them. This spacing lets hot air pass around each cookie, evenly heating them.

Allow the cookies to heat for 2–3 minutes. Keep an eye on them because the time will vary based on your air fryer, cookie size, and staleness. Check cookies after 3 minutes. They should soften. If they're not done, cook them for another minute without overdoing it.

After heating to your liking, carefully remove the cookies from the air fryer. This will be hot, so use a spatula or tongs.

To achieve the ideal eating temperature and texture, place them on a cooling rack or plate for a minute or two. Finally, your Crumbl cookies should be warm and soft like fresh. Have fun snacking.