Mom's Rotisserie Chicken Deboning Trick Is Gold

The only drawback of purchasing a whole chicken is the time needed to remove the meat. Luckily, one clever mom has made that process effortless, too.

After we have all the chicken loosened from the bone, she recommends pouring it into a bowl. You can use the bones for bone broth while you eat or store the meat for later.

I can’t wait to try this exceptional technique. It will also come in handy next year when we are struggling to get the leftover meat off the bones at Thanksgiving.

The audience wasted no time trying out this clever hack. Viewer @SPED_teacher_Mom reacted, “Just tried the deboning hack, and let me tell you it is a game changer.”

That’s great to hear! Viewer @MiMi responded, “I tried the bag method. It was great. Also, agree with bone broth for superior soups.”

I can’t wait to try it. Viewer @PastaMac inquired, “I was shocked when I Google ‘How long does rotisserie chicken last in your fridge.’

Only four days. Is that true?” According to the USDA, it is. They recommend keeping cooked chicken in the fridge for no longer than 3 to 4 days