How to Eat Sushi the Right Way

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Use Chopsticks:

Although you may eat sushi with your hands, chopsticks are the usual approach. If you can't use chopsticks, ask for a fork.

Soy Sauce Etiquette:

Instead of soaking the rice, dip the sushi's fish side in soy sauce. Too much soy sauce might overshadow delicate flavours.

Wasabi and Ginger:

Add a little wasabi to your soy sauce for heat. Pickled ginger cleanses the palette between sushi kinds.

Eat in One Bite:

Taste each sushi item in one mouthful to enjoy the chef's flavour combinations. If the chunk is too big, gently request a smaller one.

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Ginger for Cleansing:

Use pickled ginger to cleanse your taste between sushi kinds. Avoid adding ginger on sushi directly.

Nigiri Handling:

For the finest flavour, eat nigiri (rice topped with fish or other toppings) upside down so the fish contacts your tongue.

Enjoy the Pickled Radish:

Sushi sometimes includes pickled radish (oshi), a palate cleanser. Try it between sushi variations for a refreshing flavour.

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