How To Cook Perfectly Tender Turkey Wings In The Air Fryer

Turkey is always a good choice for a holiday, Sunday roast, or midweek dinner. Whatever part of the turkey you eat, you want soft, juicy meat with tasty crispy skin.

Turkey wings are delicious, but you must cook them properly. Wings have less meat and more skin to crisp. You may roast them in the oven like a turkey. There's a faster approach to get the best results.

Cook turkey wings in your air fryer for soft, flavorful, and crispy skin. Best part? This will take 30 minutes or less. With the air fryer, you can quickly achieve deep-frying-like results without the oil.

When cooking air fryer turkey wings, start with high-quality meat. Try your local butcher or grocery store for packaged turkey wings. Try marinating the wings overnight to make them more delicious and tender.

Make a dry rub to boost seasoning. Before placing the wings in the preheated air fryer, cover them generously with the dry rub and olive oil or another oil.

Turkey wings should be cooked at 350°F. This temperature should cook them rapidly, keeping the flesh soft and juicy as the fast-moving convection crisps the skin. 

Cook them for 10–15 minutes, then flip and cook for 10 more. Use a thermometer to check your wings' internal temperature at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.