How cold will it be for Chiefs-Dolphins game in Kansas City?

Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins should pack for Saturday's wild-card game. A 14-degree wind chill in Kansas City in the second half of the 8 p.m. ET game.

It won't be the coldest game in NFL history. On Jan. 10, 1982, the Cincinnati Bengals hosted the San Diego Chargers in the 1981 AFC Championship Game. Dubbed the "Freezer Bowl," it was nine degrees below zero at kickoff with a -59 wind chill.

Bengals guard Dave Lapham noted they did this to gain a psychological advantage. Cincinnati linemen also put on Vaseline, which protected them from defenders swiping at their arms.

Apparently, the ploy worked. Cincinnati won 27-7. San Diego — which led the league in scoring that season — had four turnovers.

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Like the Chargers, the Dolphins hail from a warm climate They're 0-10 in their past 10 games when the kickoff temperature was 40 degrees or below, losing those games by an average of 17 points.

“A lot of people don’t want to get hit, or hit in cold weather. It hurts a little more,” said Dolphins linebacker David Long

“And that’s when you see what types of players you have on your team. How much do you love it? How much do you want to get to that certain point as a team?”