A Guide To Pets For Zodiac Signs (part-1)

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Active pets like dogs may suit energetic Aries. Labrador Retrievers and Border Collies are good companions for Aries since they love exercise.


Taurus loves comfort, so a cat or mild dog like a Basset Hound or Shih Tzu may be ideal.


Social, inquisitive Geminis may like pets that play and companionship. Intelligent and sociable canines like Poodles or parakeets may work.

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Love and care Cancers may want emotional pets. Loyal dogs like Corgis or Golden Retrievers or friendly cats are good pets.


Leos adore attention, therefore they may like dogs who like the limelight. Outgoing dogs like Dalmatians or Boxers may be good mates.


Detail-oriented Virgos may like quiet, easy-to-care-for dogs. Good possibilities are rabbits and well-trained Shetland Sheepdogs.

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