Easy Chicken Pot Pie Casserole with Crescent Rolls

Ingredients: chicken, chopped or shredded veggies (mixed, peas, carrots). Crescent rolls chicken soup cream soured cream

garlic powder onion powder Season poultry with salt, black pepper, and butter. Shredded cheddar

Tips Pre-cooked rotisserie chicken or leftover grilled chicken saves time in this recipe.

Customise the veggie mix. Carrots, peas, corn and green beans are best. Good fresh or frozen options. Crescent rolls are easier to handle at room temperature.

Sprinkle shredded cheese on crescent roll topping before baking. To increase cheesiness, use cheddar or mozzarella.

Let the casserole rest for a few minutes after removing it from the oven before serving. Flavours blend and filling sets somewhat.

The dish can be made ahead and refrigerated before baking. Once assembled, cover the casserole tightly with plastic wrap or aluminium foil and refrigerate for up to 24 hours. Follow the baking instructions, allowing for a little longer baking time if the casserole is refrigerated.

After cooling, transfer any residual parts to an airtight container or plastic wrap for storage. The fridge can store it for three days. Just heat up the leftovers in the oven or microwave before eating. We promise this pot pie tastes great again.