Designers' 8 Paint Colours That Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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Charcoal Gray

Adding drama and class to a space with deep charcoal or slate grey. Its sleek and timeless backdrop complements numerous accent colours.

Navy Blue

Classic and versatile navy blue is rich. It works nicely in classic and modern settings as an accent or for full rooms.

Burgundy or Wine Red

Burgundy and wine can warm and regal a space. They look well in dining rooms and living rooms as accent walls.

Emerald Green

Emerald green gives a room a luxurious look. As an accent colour, on walls, or in furniture.

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Taupe is a stylish neutral that complements other design components. This warm, relaxing colour may make an area more appealing.

Chocolate Brown

Rich chocolate brown adds depth and cosiness to a room. It looks refined with brighter colours and metallic embellishments.

Slate Blue

Slate blue is a soothing colour for bedrooms and living areas. It adds elegance without becoming overpowering.

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