A Guide To Pets For Zodiac Signs (part-2)

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Libras value harmony and balance, thus they may like companionship dogs. Friendly dogs like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or cats may work.


Scorpios are passionate and may bond with faithful pets. German Shepherds and strong-willed cats make terrific pets.


Adventure-seeking Sagittarians may like curious pets. Sagittariuses may prefer energetic cats or Beagles.

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Responsible and disciplined Capricorns may like routine-friendly pets. Well-trained Border Terriers or independent cats may work.


Inventive and independent Aquarians may like unusual pets. Unique pets like reptiles or exotic birds may appeal to them.


Pets that comfort Pisceans may appeal to their creativity and empathy. Therapy dogs and friendly cats are great pets.

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