A Definitive Ranking of the 7 Cutest Dog Breeds

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers top cute dog breed rankings with their expressive gaze and silky, flowing ears. Their devotion makes them charming.

French Bulldog

Frenchies have bat-like ears, small stature, and cute snub noses. Their cheerfulness and playfulness make them adorable.


Pomeranian puppies are little balls of energy. Their fox-like visage and fluffy double coat make them adorable.

Shih Tzu

Long, luxuriant coats and pushed-in faces define Shih Tzus. Being nice and extroverted makes them cuter.

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Dachshunds' large body and tiny legs make people say "aww". They're charming with their feisty personality and expressive eyes.


Wrinkled features, curled tails, and endearing personality define pugs. They are adorable due to their little stature and love.


Many people love Pembroke Welsh Corgis' small legs and long bodies. Their intelligence and playfulness make them charming.

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