8 Things You Should Never Eat at a Buffet

Raw Seafood

We hate to burst your sushi buffet-loving bubble, but eating raw seafood at a buffet isn't necessarily the most risk-free choice you can make

Dinner Rolls

Those shiny, butter-brushed, soft and fluffy rolls at buffets are tantalizing. Especially when they're warm and fresh

Uncooked Greens

We love a good salad bar. But if we're talking about commonly contaminated with E.coli, romaine and friends are at the top of that list


The melon is strangely more susceptible to salmonella contamination than the average fruit

Lemon Slices

Lemons in restaurants and buffets have been building a reputation as bacteria-breeders, and it's best to avoid them unless you're slicing your own at home.

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You're going to be eating plenty if you're having a meal at a buffet. That's plenty of calories, carbs, sugar ... all of it. Don't bring pop into the mix

Communal Condiments

Ask for your own bottle of ketchup for the table. Someone else has certainly touched it before, but probably nowhere near as many someone else's hammering down on the ketchup pump.

Foods at the Beginning of the Line

They can't just offer customers a smorgasbord of food at a reasonable price and lose money on every mouth they feed

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