8 Things You Should Never Eat at a Buffet

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Undercooked or Raw Seafood

Raw or undercooked fish can cause foodborne disease. When eating sushi, oysters, or other raw seafood, be careful if the buffet doesn't follow food safety requirements.

Unrefrigerated Perishable Items

If salads containing mayonnaise dressings have been sitting at room temperature for a long time, avoid them. Such circumstances promote fast bacterial growth.

Overly Browned or Dry Meat

Overly browned or dried meat may have been left out for a long period, lowering quality and safety.

Dishes with Excessive Gravy

Buffet meals with too much gravy or sauce may be an attempt to hide poor ingredients or keep food wet. Assess dish appearance and freshness.

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Reused Utensils for Different Dishes

Cross-contamination can occur while serving dishes with shared utensils. Sanitise or use different utensils for each dish.

Uncovered Food Trays

Open buffet trays can expose food to airborne pollutants and bacteria. Choose from covered or often restocked dishes.

Overly Soft or Soggy Foods

Foods that are too mushy or soggy may have been left out for too long, affecting taste and texture.

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