8 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Their Air Fryer

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Not Preheating:

Preheating your air fryer, like an oven, improves cooking outcomes. Pre-heat it for a few minutes before adding food for even cooking.

Overcrowding the Basket:

Uneven cooking might result from air fryer basket overload. Leave room around each food item for hot air to circulate.

Not Shaking or Flipping:

Shake or turn food halfway through cooking for even cooking. This exposes all sides to heated air.

Using Too Much Oil:

Air frying is healthier than deep frying, although too much oil might inhibit it. Use a mild oil or cooking spray for crispiness.

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Ignoring the Manual:

Cooking times and directions vary per air fryer type. Consult the user handbook for temperature and cooking time instructions.

Not Checking Food Temp:

While air fryers are effective, meat must be checked for internal temperature to be completely cooked. Check doneness using a meat thermometer.

Using Wet Batter:

Make sure batter is dry before air-frying. The batter might turn mushy instead of crunchy.

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