8 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

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Refrigerating tomatoes changes texture and flavour. Cold can make them bland and mealy. Keep tomatoes at room temperature until they ripen and eat them right away.


Refrigerating potatoes converts starches into sugars, which makes them taste sweet and may cause acrylamide while cooking. To prevent sprouting, store potatoes in a cool, dark spot away from onions.


Onions don't need refrigeration, yet fridge moisture can cause sprouting and mould. Store onions in a cold, dry, airy area. Plastic wrap and refrigerate the leftover onion after cutting.


 Natural preservatives and antimicrobials keep honey fresh. Honey can crystallise in the fridge. Store honey in a sealed jar at room temperature.

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Refrigerating stales and dries bread. Eat bread within a few days after storing it at room temperature in a cool, dark area. Try freezing slices if you won't complete in time.


Unripe avocados should be kept at room temperature until they mature. Refrigerate them once mature to delay ripening.


Store whole melons at room temperature until sliced. Refrigerate chopped pieces. Refrigerating entire melons before cutting affects flavour and texture.

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