7 Things You Shouldn’t Store on Top of Your Fridge

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Bread and Baked Goods

Bread and baked products might expire faster due to refrigerator motor heat. These goods should be kept cold and dry.

Potatoes and Onions

Storing potatoes and onions on the fridge top can grow and deteriorate. Both veggies thrive in chilly, dark, well-ventilated conditions.

Cooking Oils

Light and temperature may damage cooking oils, especially transparent bottles. Good oil storage is in a dark, cold cupboard.


Wine is temperature sensitive, so putting it on top of the fridge might affect its taste and quality. Wine should be kept cold and dark.

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Canned Foods

Although canned goods are resilient, temperature variations may degrade their quality. A cold, steady setting is best for storing canned products.


Avoid placing electronics on top of the fridge since the motor's heat might harm them. Cool, well-ventilated storage is best for electronics.

Pet Food

Pet food stored in the fridge may lose quality due to temperature fluctuations. Pet food should be stored cold, dry, and away from pollutants.

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