7 Things You Should Always Buy at Estate Sales, According to Designers

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Antique Furniture:

Antique furniture is typically sold at estate sales. Choose well-made, robust wood furniture that can be recycled. Vintage chairs, tables, and dressers give character and quality to your house.

Quality Artwork:

Original paintings, sculptures, and prints may be sold during estate sales. Look for things that suit your style. Unique art may become a house focal point.

Vintage Rugs:

You may discover great vintage carpets at estate sales. Search for Oriental, kilim, or Persian carpets. These carpets might be cheaper than new and add charm to a room.

Silverware and Fine China:

Estate sales often have cutlery, expensive china and crystal. High-quality dinnerware may improve your dining experience, and estate sales are cheaper than new sets.

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Collectibles and Artifacts:

Be on the lookout for rare artefacts and historical treasures. Estate auctions typically offer artefacts from different eras that might give character to your house.

Vintage Clothing and Accessories:

Estate sales include vintage clothing. Designers recommend browsing the apparel and accessories department for vintage purses, jewellery, and classic clothing to improve your wardrobe.

Books and Magazines:

Estate sales sometimes contain books, periodicals, and other printed goods. Seek rare, antique, art, or original editions. These might enhance your library or house décor.

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