7 Self-Checkout Secrets Grocery Store Clerks Wish You Knew

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Check for Barcodes:

Every purchase should have a visible, scannable barcode. An item without a barcode or a broken barcode might impede checkout.

Use Bags Carefully

Be careful when bagging objects, especially in the bagging area. Avoid inserting objects rapidly or clumsily, since the system may halt and request help.

Monitor Weight Changes:

Watch bagging scale weight changes. Make sure each item is securely bagged as you scan to avoid weight disparities that may generate alarms.

Be Ready for Produce:

Purchase fruits and vegetables without barcodes by looking up or entering the item code. To speed up the procedure, learn the system's generate lookup.

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Remove Items Carefully:

Carefully remove items from the bagging area. Abruptly removing an object might cause the system to think it was not scanned, causing disruptions.

Use the Attendant for Help:

Contact an attendant if you have any concerns. They can help address issues fast, reducing delays for you and others.

Double-Check Your Purchase:

Check the screen for accurate scanning and pricing before finishing the purchase. This can reduce disparities and post-payment repairs.

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