7 Reason Why You Should Never Eat Chocolate Before Bed

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Caffeine Content:

Chocolate includes caffeine, a sleep disruptor. Dark chocolate has more caffeine than milk chocolate. Caffeine disrupts sleep and makes falling asleep difficult.

Theobromine Content:

Chocolate includes theobromine, a caffeine-like chemical. Theobromine increases heart rate and alertness, which may impede your ability to rest before bed.

Sugar Content:

Sugar is abundant in chocolate chocolates and pastries. Sugary meals before bedtime can induce a blood sugar surge and dip, disrupting sleep and causing restlessness.

Potential Acid Reflux:

Chocolate may cause acid reflux by relaxing the LES. Chocolate before bed might worsen heartburn and acid reflux and impair sleep.

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Stimulating Effects of Theophylline:

Another stimulant in chocolate is theophylline. It may raise heart rate and disrupt sleep.

Temperature Regulation:

Dark chocolate melts at body temperature. Eating chocolate before bed may raise body temperature, which is lower for better sleep.

Potential for Weight Gain:

Late-night munching, particularly chocolate, can cause overeating and weight gain. Chocolate eaten before bed may not burn off as well as earlier in the day.

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