7 Paint Colors That Can Make Your House Look Cheap, According to Designers

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Bright or Neon Colors

Bright or vibrant hues may overwhelm and degrade a room. Softer, subdued colors provide sophistication.

Generic Beiges and Browns

Overly generic beige and brown tones may make a place look antiquated and uninspired. For a trendy, timeless style, choose delicate neutrals.

Primary Colors in Large Amounts

Using too many primary colors (red, blue, yellow) might look childish. Consider utilizing these colors as accents instead of wall colors if you love them.

All-White Interiors

White might be clean and fresh, but an all-white interior may lack character. Use modest off-whites or neutral tones to give depth.

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Dark and Overpowering Colors

Dark colours may shrink and depress a room. Dark colors can be used as accents or in well-lit settings to prevent a weighty effect.

Faux Finishes

Sponge painting and rag rolling were formerly trendy but now appear antiquated. For a modern effect, use current painting methods or solid colors.

Mismatched Colors Without Cohesion

Too many colors without a theme may make a room look cheap and disorderly. Use a well-planned color scheme to unify the room.

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