7 foods that you might not know are banned in America

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Kinder Eggs

 The miniature toy within Kinder Eggs, a famous European chocolate, was prohibited in the US because to choking concerns. An FDA-approved Kinder Joy variant has been sold in recent years.


Traditional Scottish haggis, prepared with sheep's heart, liver and lungs with spices and muesli, is illegal in the US. Imports of sheep lungs, a vital component in haggis, are restricted.

Casu Marzu

Sardinian sheep's milk cheese with live bug larvae. The FDA prohibited this cheese in the US due to the health concerns of eating live bug larvae.

Shark Fin

While not food, shark finning is forbidden in the US. Traditional Chinese shark fin soup has been related to shark population collapse, and shark fins are illegal to sell.

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Foie Gras

Some US states and towns have outlawed foie gras, a delicacy prepared from force-fed duck or goose livers. These prohibitions in California are due to animal rights concerns.


Due to psychoactive concerns, absinthe manufacture and sale were limited in the US for many years. Absinthe with low thujone levels is now legal.

Red Dye No. 2

Carcinogenic concerns led to its 1970s prohibition as a food colouring additive. While other red dyes are acceptable, Red Dye No. 2 is no longer allowed in the US.

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