7 Dangerous Things We Did Growing Up That Kids Today Would Never Understand

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Riding in the Bed of Pickup Trucks

Traveling youngsters often rode in pickup truck beds. This is considered risky nowadays owing to the possibility of falling or being ejected in an accident.

Not Wearing Seatbelts

Previously, seatbelt use was less stressed. Seatbelts, now a safety requirement, were not worn by many individuals growing up.

Using Lawn Darts

Outdoor lawn darts were previously popular, but they were outlawed in the US and other nations because of their potential for serious injury.

Playing on Unsupervised Playgrounds

Playgrounds used to be less monitored. Injury rates increased when kids played on unpadded equipment.

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Climbing Trees Without Helmets

Children often climbed trees without safety gear. Today, parents may require helmets due to fall and injury worries.

Drinking Water from Garden Hoses

Many people drank garden hose water as children. Due to concerns about hose water contamination, safe drinking water sources are now preferred.

Using Playground Equipment Made of Metal

Old playgrounds included metal equipment that might get hot in the sun or hurt kids owing to harsh surfaces. Modern playgrounds employ safe materials.

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