7 Chocolate Recipes for a Decadent Dessert

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Chocolate Lava Cakes

The heart of these little pastries is molten chocolate. For a treat, serve them warm with vanilla ice cream.

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Add cocoa powder, chips, and chunks to your brownies to upgrade. For added richness, pour melted chocolate over top.

Chocolate Mousse

Whip melted chocolate, egg yolks, sugar, and whipped cream to make a silky mousse. A light, fluffy dessert results by chilling the ingredients for many hours.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Melt chocolate and dip strawberries, then let them solidify. These beautiful and simple gifts are excellent for special occasions.

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Chocolate Ganache Tart

Buttery-crust chocolate ganache tart. Pour smooth chocolate ganache into the crust and set before serving this decadent dessert.

Chocolate Truffles

Mix melted chocolate with cream, form balls, then roll them in cocoa powder, chopped almonds, or shredded coconut to make chocolate truffles. Add liqueurs or extracts to customize tastes.

Molten Chocolate Caramel Cake

Molten cake with chocolate and caramel. The cake's caramel core spills when cut, providing a delicious treat.

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