7 Beautiful Bedroom Plants May Help You Get Better Sleep

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Lavender is noted for its relaxing scent. Lavender reduces tension and anxiety, facilitating sleep. Consider adding a lavender plant or dried lavender pot to your bedroom.

Snake Plant

Snake plants, or mother-in-law's tongue, release oxygen at night, making them excellent for bedrooms. Better air quality can help you sleep. Snake plants require little care and withstand low light.

Peace Lily

Peace flowers cleanse indoor air and filter contaminants. They thrive in dim light, making them ideal for bedrooms. Pet owners should beware that peace flowers are harmful.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera improves bedroom air quality by releasing oxygen at night. The plant is easy to care for and soothes skin. Place it near a window in the sun.

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The pleasant, relaxing scent of jasmine plants. Jasmine may improve sleep and alertness, according to research. Consider using jasmine essential oil or a potted plant in your bedroom.

Spider Plant

Spider plants filter the air. They grow well in indirect sunlight and are easy to care for. Better sleep may result from cleaner bedroom air.

English Ivy

Another air-purifying plant is English ivy. It may minimize airborne mold and improve air quality. English ivy is poisonous to dogs, so put it in a hanging basket or high shelf.

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