6 Rude Things You Probably Shouldn’t Be Doing at the Grocery Store

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Blocking Aisles

Avoid standing in an aisle while talking or choosing a product. This hinders other consumers and causes congestion.

Talking Loudly on the Phone:

Using the phone loudly might disturb other shoppers. To accept a call, walk away from others or speak softly.

Not Returning Items to Their Proper Places

After rejecting an item, try to put it back. Left objects in strange places confuse and inconvenience others.

Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines

Remember social separation rules, especially amid health issues. Follow store rules and respect other shoppers' space.

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Allowing Kids to Play Unsupervised

Shopping with kids is routine, but having them run about unaccompanied may be disruptive. Keep a watch on your kids' behavior.

Cutting in Line

Honor the line and wait. Cutting in front of people is rude and might annoy shoppers.

Overloading the Express Lane

In the express checkout line, follow the store's item limit. A full cart in the express lane is disrespectful to law-abiding drivers.

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