6 Clever Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Cool

Strategic Ventilation

Cross-Ventilation: Position fans or open windows on opposite sides of the bedroom to allow a cross breeze.

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Cooling Bedding and Pajamas

Breathable Fabrics: Choose lightweight, breathable sheets and bedding materials like cotton or linen.

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Ice Packs and Cold Compresses

Strategically Place Ice Packs: Position a bowl of ice or ice packs in front of a fan. As the air passes over the ice, it cools down, providing a refreshing breeze in the room.

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Smart Window Coverings

Blackout Curtains: Use blackout curtains during the day to block out sunlight and prevent your bedroom from heating up.

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Adjustable Sleep Setup

Elevate Your Bed: If possible, elevate your bed slightly. Hot air rises, so sleeping a bit higher can help you stay in the cooler part of the room.

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Strategic Fan Use and Temperature Control

Ceiling Fans: Use ceiling fans to create a gentle breeze. Ensure the fan is rotating counterclockwise in the summer to create a cooling effect.

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