5 Foods You Should Never Have With Tea

Citrus Fruits

Avoid adding citrus fruits like lemon or orange to black tea. The acidity in citrus can curdle the proteins in the tea, causing it to taste bitter.


Mint is often paired with green tea, but it may interfere with the absorption of green tea's antioxidants. If you enjoy the combination, it's best to consume them separately.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods may clash with the subtle nuances of tea. It's best to avoid extremely spicy dishes that can overwhelm your taste buds.

Strong Cheeses

Strong and pungent cheeses, such as blue cheese or aged cheddar, may not complement the flavors of tea well. Opt for milder cheese varieties.

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Onion-flavored Dishes

Dishes heavily seasoned with garlic or onions can leave a lingering taste that might not pair well with the nuanced flavors of tea.

Oily or Greasy Foods

Greasy or oily foods can coat the palate and diminish the ability to appreciate the subtleties of tea. It's better to choose lighter options.

Highly Salted Snacks

Excessively salty snacks, like heavily salted chips or pretzels, can interfere with the taste of tea. Opt for lightly salted or unsalted options.

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