10 States Are Most Likely To Become ‘Blue Zones’

Here are the top 10 states that are most likely to become blue zones: 1. Vermont 2. New York 3. Massachusetts 4. Connecticut 5. Rhode Island

6. New Hampshire 7. Oregon 8. Hawaii 9. Maine 10 California

Vermont was awarded the #1 slot for more than a few notable reasons. Some of the prominent factors include that this state has the highest percentage of adults who consume the recommended intake of veggies

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The biggest amount of farmers' markets per 100,000 individuals, and a pretty low percentage of adults who are inactive (19.6%).

It's not surprising that Vermont and other Northeastern states would rank high in longevity. States with access to fresh foods, coupled with those that prioritize exercise and fitness are bound to have healthier populations

New York ranked #2 for the top states most likely to become blue zones because its inhabitants fulfill daily fruit and vegetable standards. This state also scored good for walkability and communal well-being.